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Evolve Investments & Projects Management is a company founded under the umbrella of Arabian Cement Company of Egypt (EGX ARCC) in early 2016 with the objective of taking a step further in the supply chain in order to guarantee the supply of high grade Alternative Fuels to the cement industry. 

Evolve thrives to become one of the main players in the Waste Management industry and seeks to secure varied waste sources ranging from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), Industrial Waste and Agricultural Waste. By building strong and long-lasting bonds with the waste producers in the Arab Republic of Egypt, Evolve will hold a strong position in the market as a trust-worthy partner for the safe disposal of waste. 

We also participate in consultancy services to local authorities with the objective of developing the waste management system in a way that more and more players are motivated to take advantage of the many opportunities found in this field. 

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